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Mon, 2016-11-28 09:50
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CCU- University of Nairobi

Curriculum Review Workshop participants. 


The Department of Physical Education and Sport held a 4 day Curriculum Review Workshop at CCU, Main Campus. The main objective of the workshop was to review and align the department’s current curriculum to ensure all programmes meet the departmental quality objectives. The workshop started on 21st November 2016 and ended on 24th November 2016.

Major highlights of the workshop

DAY 1:  21st November 2016

-The Workshop was officially opened by the Centre for Self Sponsored Programmes (CESSP) Director; Prof. Julius Ong’engo. During his opening remarks; Prof. Ong’engo lauded the department for taking time to review their programmes to ensure that they not only meet the University of Nairobi quality objectives but also the guidelines set by the Commission of University Education (CUE). He encouraged the workshop participants to mainly focus on increasing the number of students taking the P.E and Sport course saying that the sure way to increase the numbers is by rebranding existing programmes and developing new market driven courses to attract more students.

-The chairman of the department; Prof. Nteere, made a presentation on Realigning Curriculum with Departmental Quality Objectives. Prof. Nteere gave a detailed presentation highlighting the history of the department, the programmes offered, the staff and also the future plans to expand the department.

- Key presentations from 4 guest speakers:

1) Dr. Bukhala; Masinde Muliro University. Dr. Bukhala also serves as an external examiner for the Department.

His presentation mainly highlighted the key tenets the department should focus on as they review the curriculum and design new programmes. He stressed on the need to introduce programmes that are action and goal oriented as well as introduce programmes that build on the employability skills of the students.

2) Mr.Eliud Wambua; Deputy Director Quality Assurance in the Ministry of Education

His presentation provided education policy trends and background information on some of the programmes the government of Kenya is implementing through the ministry of Education.

3) Ms. Jackline Onyango; Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

The presentation centered on the curriculum development process. Ms. Jackline highlighted issues affecting development of curricula and the basic principles of curriculum development process.

4) Prof. Winston Akala; Dean School of Education, College of Education and External Studies.

Prof. Akala mainly highlighted the philosophical constraints in curriculum development. The presentation touched on theories of curriculum development as well as foundation of curriculum.

Day 2 and 3: 22nd and 23rd November 2016 (Presentation and justification of New proposed programmes)

The department is proposing to introduce five (5) new programmes to address the market needs in the realm of sport, health, and leisure & recreation industry.  The new programmes will offer opportunities for collaboration and linkages with stake holders and other institutions.

The proposed new programmes include;

 1 certificate programme,

1 diploma programme,

 3 Bachelor of Science programmes.

The department will further develop a B.Sc and Ph.D programmes for each of the proposed programmes.

Each programme was presented during a plenary session and participants were asked to contribute ideas and critique the course units.

Suggestions and ideas presented during plenary session were recorded by rapporteurs. The final reports were forwarded to the programme developers for corrections.

Day 4: Recap and Closing

On the last day of the workshop; Prof. Nteere thanked participants for their contributions during the workshop. He also encouraged programme developers to work on the corrections. The department will submit the proposed programmes to the dean’s committee early 2017.

The workshop was also attended by special guests from other departments within the School of Education including: Dr. Kalai; Chairman, Department of Educational Administration and Planning, Mr. Isaac Muasya; Chairman, Department of Educational Foundations, Prof. Odundo and Dr. Ruth Kahiga Department of Education, Communication and Technology. The special guests served as moderators during the presentation of proposed courses. The workshop was officially closed by Prof. Akala; Dean, School of Education




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