Annual Report Department of Physical Education and Sport

The Department of Physical Education is in its sixth year of existence having already graduated three groups of Undergraduate students. In the six years of existence the Department has managed to review the Undergraduate programme curriculum that has been taught and also come up with a Master’s o f Physical Education program  alongside initiating three more programmes in the larger area of Physical Education and Sports . These new programmes are currently going through the rigorous procedure of being approved for teaching.


Bachelor of Education (Physical Education)

This is a four year course leading to the award of Bachelor of Education. (Physical Education Option)

Upon completion of the degree programme, the graduate will have iob opportunities in any of the

following areas:

• Teachers in private and public secondary schools.

• Physical Education lecturers in Teachers Training Colleges and Universities.

• Managers of resort centres




Our core business is to develop a person in all the three domains of learning Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor skills Physical education is unique in that it offers all these domains is in one.



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