Physical Education and Sport 2013 Newsletter

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Prof. J.S. Nteere

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9th Biennial Conference of the African Association for health, Physical Education, Recreation Sport and Dance.

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Tue, 2011-09-13 - Thu, 2011-09-15

Mr. Simon Munayi  presented a paper entilted The Place of Special Olympics at the University- The Need for Advocacy.

East Africa University Sport Federation

Prof. J. S. Nteere is the immediate past president of the federation

Federation of Africa University Sports (FASU)

FASU is the continental affiliate of FISU, responsible for the organisation and governance of competitions for university student athletes on the African continent.

Prof. J. S. Nteere is the Vice President of the Federation.

Federation of International University Sports (FISU)

Prof. J. S. Nteere is an executive board member of the Federation


Kenya Science Campus

The Kenya Science Campus grounds are used by the students for practicals on training on games such football, handball, hockey and netball

Swimming Pool

Kenya Science Campus

The swimming pool is used for practicals

Reo 2016 Olympic Games

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Lead Researcher: 
Dr. Elijah Gitonga

Dr. Elijah Gitonga, is in consultancy with the Ministry of Arts Sports and Culture for the Rio 2016 Olympic games 

Physical fitness and Sport

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Lead Researcher: 
Prof. Jacob Nteere

The Chairman has been involved in consultancy for the following firms:

  • Barclays Bank of Kenya
  • Canada Kenya Management Program
  • Kenya Open Golf Championship

Sports Seminar

Date and time: 
Wed, 2013-06-12 15:00
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Canada and United States of America

Mr. Simon Munayi, a Lecturer in the Department, is currently travelling between Canada and the USA while on his annual leave. During his travel he is expected to attend a series of sports seminars in both countries.

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Wed, 2013-06-12 15:00
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Mr. Simon Munayi

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