Department of Physical Education and Sports participates in the 2014 Innovation week
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Sat, 2016-01-23 13:42

the department participate din the nairobi innovation week,

Dubbed “Nairobi Innovation Week”, the University of Nairobi has created a platform for the nation to celebrate while engaging Government and private sector with a view to creating an ecosystem churning out disruptive innovations.

Hence Wednesday August 5 till 7 will be marked by discussions on policy as well as exhibitions of innovations by start-ups and organizations.

With extensive working knowledge on the Israeli innovation culture and ecosystem, Mr Singer Wednesday facilitated a whole-day delegate meeting at Serena Hotel hosted by the University of Nairobi Chancellor Dr Vijoo Rattansi.


The author-entrepreneur called on stakeholders to adopt a socio-economic paradigm that nurtures and scales the country's potential for world-class innovations.

He particularly challenged the Government to act as a catalyst for innovation by fully opening its data, being a customer for its own start-ups, set better goals, and enter fruitful collaborations on innovation.

His counterpart Langdon Morris is among other personalities facilitating the Innovation Week. Mr. Morris is co-founder and senior partner at InnovationLabs.

He is recognized as one of the world's consultants on innovation, having delivered groundbreaking solutions to corporations and universities.

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