Departmental Interactive Session: Introduction to Master of Education Degree in Physical Education and Sports
Date and time: 
Thu, 2015-11-05 11:46
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CEES Library Boardroom

This year (2015/2016) the Department of Physical Education and Sport will offer Master Of Education (M.Ed) Degree in Physical Education And Sport to the very first cohort.  The department organized a one-day interactive session with the 5 students who will be taking the course. The aim of this session was to brief the students on the important details about the M.Ed course and also provide a platform for the students to interact with the management and academic staff in the department of Physical Education and Sports.

The new masters programme will train professional and technical graduates who will be pivotal in the creation of awareness of the dangers of sedentary lifestyles and prescribe therapeutic activities for the affected people. The program will also prepare sports professionals who can manage sports and games in Universities and other educational institutions. 

At a Glance: Facts about the Master Of Education (M.Ed) Degree In Physical Education And Sport (M.Ed)

  • The degree programme has two options; course work, examination and project as option one and course work, examination and thesis as option two.
  • The programme will run for a minimum period of four semesters and a maximum of 12 semesters of 15 weeks each.
  • The programme will comprise of 18 course units.
  • A course unit will constitute 60 contact hours.
  • A student taking the programme by coursework, examination and project will take 14 course units and project.
  • A project will be equivalent to 4 course units.
  • A student taking the programme by course work, examination and thesis will take 10 course units and thesis.
  • A thesis will be equivalent to 8 course units.
  • Mode of delivery: face to face and thorough Open, Distance and e-learning (ODeL) (Module III)


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Thu, 2016-11-24 11:46