Message from the head of Department



I wish as the Chairman of this Department to extend a word of warm welcome to all who read this message and especially to our clients, the prospective students of Physical Education and Sport.  Please feel free to contact me either at the Department or through my own personal telephone number: 0722 790962.

The Department of Physical Education and Sport has come along way since its establishment in 2006.  Indeed the Vice-Chancellor of this University Prof. George Magoha played a pivotal role in the creation of this Department through provision of finances and moral support  which ensured that the Department took off.

The first group of under-graduate (B.Ed) students was enrolled in September 2006 and graduated in September 2010 with their B.Ed degrees.  Already three lots of classes have graduated.

After a four year, cycle the Department reviewed its B.Ed degree programme at a five day workshop held at Bandari College in Mombasa in May 2011.  During the same workshop, four other degree programmes were presented for review and critiqueing by academic and professional colleagues who had been invited from other Universities and institutions such as the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and the Kenya Institute of Education (KIE).  These new degree programmes are:

  1. M.Ed          -        P.E. and Sport
  2. B.Sc. -        Sports Coaching and Management
  3. B.Sc. -        Sports Sciences
  4. B.Sc. -        Leisure and Recreation Studies

The above programmes are currently going through the University processes of approval before they are implemented.

  1. Current Programme


The B.Ed degree curriculum offered at the department is in combination with one other teaching subject, leading to either a B.Ed (Arts), B.Ed (Sc) or B.Ed (P.E. option).


  1. Staffing


The Department continues to grow both qualitatively and quantitively by way of recruitment of qualified, experienced, and professionally trained teachers of physical education and sport.  The University administration has been very supportive of the growth of this Department and has readily approved requests for additional staff even though we still require more staff in order to cope with the two cohorts which run parallel at both Kikuyu and Kenya Science Campuses.  Indeed as we await the approval of the new programmes cited above, we require additional staff to ensure their implementation.


  1. Students


Interest in the subject has steadily grown from the initial two students that we started with to classes of up to thirty three students such as we have in the current first year group at Kikuyu.  The growth in the numbers of students has been as a result of rigorous and vigorous recruitment campaigns that we put up during the orientation week.  We use posters, brochures and fliers to reach as many students as possible.  Similarly we use the old students in the department who already know the value of the subject to talk to freshers and encourage them to join the Department.  However the best solution in getting students to join and study Physical Education is through JAB admissions.  Since we started getting JAB admissions for B.Ed (Arts) at Kikuyu, the numbers have steadily grown.  We need similar action to be taken for the admission of B.Ed. Science at Kenya Science Campus.  We have already informed the new Dean of the school of education Prof. Samson Gunga and he has readily and willingly taken this request on board.




Head of Department,