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Wed, 2017-09-20 17:28

(4th year students after a baseball game)

17 students specializing in PE and Sport were today awarded a certificate of participation after successfully participating in a 5 day Baseball clinics at the College of Education and External studies. The Baseball clinics were organized and ran by the Kenya Little League targeting 4th year P.E and Sport students from 11th -15th September 2017. During the 5 days, the Kenya Little League brought in 3 coaches to train the 17 students on both theoretical and practical skills in Baseball.

The University of Nairobi has partnered with the Kenya Little League with an aim to popularize baseball in Kenya. Early this year, KLL donated about 18 books to the College of Education and External Studies library to be used in the instruction of Baseball principles and practice. KLL has also donated baseball uniforms and gear to be used by students during practice.

The award ceremony was led by Dr. Janet Wanjira and Mrs. Janet Chumba; both lecturers in the Department of P.E and Sport. They encouraged students to get actively involved in baseball by reading the provided books and also practicing often. The President of Kenya Little League, Mr. George Mahinda also encouraged the students to take a keen interest in the baseball sport that is steadily gaining popularity in Kenya. He also said there is a job market for students with baseball skills in international schools that have baseball programs.



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